Laboratory of X-ray Computed Tomography

The computed tomography laboratory is equipped with a two-lamp GE phoenix v|tomex|m tomograph. The equipment allows working with different materials such as wood, metals, rocks, composites, organic material, or electronics.

The operators have experience in research works and solutions for industrial needs. The laboratory has the ability to carry out tomographic tests with simultaneous static loading and the influence of extreme temperatures.

During the test, the sample is rotated by 360 degrees. At this time, several thousand invisible to the eye projections are performed using X-rays. The 3D solid reconstructed in grayscale shows the levels of absorption coefficient, largely dependent on the density of the material.

The main advantages of the device used are:

  • possibility of adjusting the radiation source to the needs of the material. The tomograph is equipped with two lamps – Microfocus (maximum voltage 300 kV) and Nanofocus (maximum voltage 180 kV) – which give a better picture of the examined object,
  • detail <0.2 µm can be seen,
  • maximum diameter of the tested element 30 cm (12 in),
  • maximum mass of the tested sample 25 kg (55 lbs),
  • maximum height of the tested element 100 cm (3 ft 3 in),
  • temperature stabilized high contrast panel detector for high quality data acquisition,
  • automated correction systems to eliminate potential measurement errors.

Complex analyses performed on reconstructed 3D models are an integral part of conducted research. Possible tasks are:

  • visual inspections,
  • porosity analyses,
  • extractions,
  • mechanical simulations,
  • simulations of fluid flow, heat transfer,
  • preparation of computational models for external software,
  • consultation of additional analysis modes.

The developed results can be presented as a report, cross-sectional images (2D and 3D) or animations.

Scientific areas in which the staff specializes:

  • geometric mapping,
  • damage identification,
  • numerical analyses,
  • material engineering
  • failure mechanics,
  • modern materials engineering
  • reverse engineering.

Contact details for the laboratory manager/supervisor:

Daniel Wałach
604 967 320
12 617 21 34

Anna Wilk
12 617 20 82

Scientific areas the staff are specialised in:

  • Construction Engineering
  • Mining
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