WRSS (Faculty Student Self-Government Council) of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management is the highest body of the Student Self-Government at the faculty. It is elected by the entire academic community of the faculty in general elections. We are a hardworking, committed, and ambitious group of people. Together, we care for the development, future, and good name of our University. Moreover, we are not forgetting about the traditions of the AGH University of Science and Technology.

Student voice

We are the students’ voice, and we represent FCE&RM students’ interests. Furthermore, we actively participate in making decisions that are important for the department. We initiate and operate in many projects. Projects that involve the academic community and give new opportunities for all students of the Faculty. As WRSS, we make sure that each member can prove themselves in what they feel good about or in what interests them.

WRSS projects

The largest of our projects is the Student Zone, which you will be able to see it soon. The long-awaited FCE&RM clothing line, created by us, will certainly not escape anyone’s attention when we return to classes. On the other hand, in the Success Method, we show how to achieve the goal. The goal without losing unnecessary strength and precious time.”The whole truth about the Dean” was able to be made thanks to our action Q&A. e sure to check what was shown there. We are active in Social Media (Facebook, Instagram). You can follow all our activities there on an ongoing basis, to which we encourage you to do so.

Let the engineering force be with you.

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