Breakthrough in Engineering Education: "PBI Group Forum"

In response to the challenges of modern engineering education, we are joining forces with PBI Group to create the "PBI Group Forum" — an innovative educational space that will become a model for integrating science, technology, and sustainability.

HOT ROLLS June news

We invite to check the FCE&RM library offer for the June.


We invite to check the FCE&RM library offer for the May.


We invite everyone to participate in the oLEANpiada which oLEANpiada will be held on April 22, 2024 at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

Ceglak Rally 2024 – searching for a student

WRSS WILiGZ is back! And with them the next edition of the Ceglak Rally 2024!

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Information on documents

Applications for the 2023/2024 summer semester regarding: reactivation, transfer to part-time studies, registration with a deficit of points, rewriting of grades should be submitted to the Dean's Office for Part-time Studies by February 22, 2024.


The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management (until 2002 the Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering, and until 2021 the Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering), is the oldest and was the only faculty of the Mining Academy founded in 1919 and opened by Marshal Józef Piłsudski. Until the 1950s, the history of the faculty created the history of the university. At present, the faculty is actively involved in the development of mining regions, solving problems related to economics, organization…

O wydziale

Field studies

  • Civil Engineering

  • Safety Engineering

  • Mining Engineering

  • Industrial Process Engineering and Management

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Revitalisation of Degraded Areas

Faculty stories

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Research & Innovation

The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management cooperates closely with business representatives, research institutes and national and international universities to create the so-called Knowledge Triangle, ensuring all the factors that stimulate a science-based society. If you want to know more about what we do, what kind of research we can carry out and who our partners are, please study the entire Research & Innovation section.

  • What is important for WILiGZ?

    You say you want to do something that matters. Realise a bold vision. Create and develop new ideas. Shape the future and transcend barriers.

  • What is WILiGZ?

    A community where everyone is welcome with open arms. We focus on our students and shape them - as faculty, while remembering that they are individuals with distinct passions, perspectives, hopes and dreams.

  • What do we do at WILiGZ?

    We carry out research by collaborating with dozens of centres and laboratories that bring together experts from different disciplines to explore new intellectual frontiers and address important social issues.


Here you will find all the relevant information on tutoring, student benefits and the associations you can join any time.

  • 86,99%

    Faculty graduates in 2019 found employment within 6 months of defending their diploma

  • 65,4%

    Faculty graduates in 2019 found jobs during their studies

  • Avarage 3

    55% of working graduates received offers of employment

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