AGH Student Campus is an integral part of AGH Campus and is the biggest student campus in Poland. It offers over 7500 thousand beds in 20 dormitories of three standards, with prices starting from 365 PLN a month.

Every student residence is equipped with a kitchen, a TV room, a reading room, laundry facilities, and drying rooms. There is also a wide range of games and sports equipment available, and in some dormitories, there is also a gym. All rooms available to students have free internet access. On the Campus, apart from student halls of residence, there are student clubs, a swimming pool with a gym and a bowling alley, sports fields, a kindergarten, a nursery, and other service and catering facilities. The immediate vicinity of AGH University of Krakow educational facilities allows the residents to actively participate in University life and develop their numerous interests.

For more information on the dormitories and price list, please visit the akademików i cennika

Applications for a university residence are accepted all year round. Further information on the procedure for allocating places can be found on the website. Additional information can be obtained from the Student Residence Department.

Several dormitories in the Student Campus also offer the possibility of accommodation for tourists in three hostel standards, with the prices starting from as little as PLN 30 a night. During the high season, the number of available places for tourists increases to several thousand. More detailed information can be found on the budget hostels website.

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