Project Calls

NAWA Intervention Grants, second edition

The aim of the Programme is to support international cooperation of research teams or international mobility of researchers in response to sudden, important, unforeseen social, civilizational and natural phenomena resulting in global or regionally significant consequences. The project implementation within the Programme will enable researchers to collect data, develop further scientific information, investigate the effects and significance of an extreme phenomenon or event as soon as possible after its occurrence.

The applications submitted under the Programme must include research activities, which for the reason of rapid response are not possible to be implemented by applying for other existing funding schemes. Obtaining funds (grants) is possible only when applying for standard sources of financing could result in losing a unique opportunity to solve an important problem.Participation in the Programme will enable researchers to undertake international collaborative intervention research and develop solutions relevant for response to disruptive events.

Call commencement 01.09.2021
Call end 30.11.2021

ERC Advance Grants

This grant supports the best innovative research projects, prepared by experienced, autonomous researchers with an established scientific track record, who already have experience in team leadership.

The projects may concern all fields of expertise. The “principal investigator” – the leader of the research team appointed by him/her – is responsible for the progress of the project. Both the leader and the team members may come from any country in the world. The project is carried out at the host institution selected by the principal investigator (it may be the home institution), which, however, must be located in a member state of the EU or associated with Horizon Europe Programme. The host institution commits itself to provide all support to the project. The participation of other institutions in the project requires special reasoning. The project may last up to 5 years.

Call opening 20.05.2021
Call closing 31.07.2021

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