Diploma examination

General degree and engineering examination dates




The start of the exam will depend on the number of registration on a specific term. Based on this it is expected that the exam will take place between 11.00 – 14.00.

The manner of conducting the examination, i.e. remotely or on the premises of AGH, will be specified at least 5 days before the examination, depending on the current epidemic situation and recommendations of relevant authorities.

Graduation rules for first-cycle studies
Graduation rules for second-cycle studies

Obtaining the pass mark credit (passing all subjects provided for in the curriculum and practical classes) is a prerequisite for taking the general cross-curricular examination in engineering. ATTENTION! 7 days before the examination date, students should notify the examination board secretary – appropriate for their field of study – about their participation in the examination. The general course examination may be taken on one of the scheduled dates. Should a student receive a failing grade, they are allowed only one re-take date; however, they may take another examination no sooner than after the lapse of 2 weeks and no later than within 3 months of the first examination date. The student cannot proceed to the defence of the engineering project before the general course examination. The requirement to attend the defence is a positive grade from the examination.

Information on the registration of diploma theses

Starting from the summer semester 2020/2021, all diploma theses are registered in the USOS system via the Archive of Diploma Theses module. A complete user manual for the APD module has been prepared by the USOS team – and is available directly on the USOS webpage.

Please do not register your works in the WU system. If registration has been started in the WU (DXP) system – all files will be deleted (the WU registration module will be blocked soon).


• The current version of the cover page by of the latest ordinance (if someone used the previous versions, the page should be replaced) at the Student Document webpage (Template for the title page of the diploma thesis/diploma project )
• The diploma thesis includes:
– the title page (according to the applicable pattern)
– table of contents
– the content of the work (in accordance with the table of contents)
– a summary of the work may be included in the content of the work, but it does not have to  it is decided by the promoter
• Any statements by the student or the supervisor and the ADDITIONAL abstracts DO NOT CONSTITUTE PART OF THE DUTY. You will fill in the relevant statements/summaries in the APD module.
• Only the content of the work and any attachments are uploaded to the system (nothing more)
• Additionally, each student is obliged to send/deliver a declaration of accession to the diploma examination conducted remotely using IT technologies that ensure control of its course and registration at the Student Document webpage (Guidelines on the diploma process, appendix student’s statement).

Settelment at the Dean’s Office

Delivered to the Dean’s Office before the defense !!
• The diploma student’s achievement sheet to be included in the supplement

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