Foreign universities

The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management participates actively in the foreign collaborative activities undertaken by AGH. Consequently, it significantly contributes to the development of both the students and the Faculty.

International university cooperation is a basic element of teaching and constitutes a foundation in research conducted by the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Additionally, it enhances the cross-cultural skills of students and academic staff, and at the same time contributes to raising the University’s international status.Under the Memorandum of Understanding agreements signed by AGH, students of the Faculty have the opportunity to start international projects with partner universities from all over the world. The collaboration is carried out within the framework of exchange programmes: Erasmus+ Student, and numerous scholarship programmes (e.g. SMILE, CEEPUS, T.I.M.E., VULCANUS, HUSTEP, SIT, Cooperation with Vietnam). Some programmes enable students to obtain a joint diploma or complete an internship abroad. In addition, such participation improves the quality of education and enables our students to gain key knowledge and experience. This results in better preparation of our students to compete in the employment market.
Involvement in such programmes is an integral part of studies, with the possibility of applying for the mobility as early as after the first year of studies.
A detailed offer related to the possibility of participation in the various programmes can be found on the website of theDepartment of International Cooperation.

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