Internship implementation


  1. Not later than 4 months before the internship commencement date, the student defines the objective of the vocational or diploma internship. This can be done independently or by contacting the thesis supervisor (diploma internship) or the internship coordinator (vocational internship) – a list of internship coordinators can be found in the Internship Organisations section.
  2. Together with the thesis supervisor or internship coordinator, the student decides on the internship placement.
  3. If it is an individual placement, i.e. in a company chosen by the student, the student applies to the company with a request to be accepted for a vocational or diploma internship – a specimen application form is available under Useful files.
  4. Having obtained the employer’s consent, the student reports to the department secretary’s office (diploma internship) or to the internship coordinator in order to formalise the arrangement for the internship between AGH University of Science and Technology and the employer. At this stage, the student will also be informed about the terms of the placement, as well as the manner and deadline for completing it.


The Dean of the Faculty may classify the student’s employment as a professional internship if the student:

  1. Submits a certificate of a time of employment not shorter than the mandatory duration of the internship, within the last 3 years. The employment nature must be consistent with the field of study.
  2. Within the last 3 years, the student performed voluntary work of a nature consistent with the field of study and for a period not shorter than the applicable duration of the internship, confirmed by an applicable document.
  3. Within the last 2 years, the student has completed an internship of duration and nature consistent with the required internship programme, as documented by an appropriate certificate.
    In order to obtain the aforementioned exemption, an application should be made to the appropriate internship coordinator, addressed to the appropriate Deputy Dean for Education, and accompanied by the relevant certificate. Please note that 1 week of the internship is either 5 days or 40 hours of work (volunteering or internship).
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