Laboratory of Mining Aerology

The laboratory conducts classes related to physical phenomena occurring in mining aerology. The laboratory is equipped with a stand for testing mass exchange of moisture and heat in rocks, a stand for testing the tightness of braziers, determining the coefficients of concentrated and distributed resistance. The laboratory is also equipped with a stand that makes it possible to carry out model measurements of the characteristics of the main ventilation fans in mines, as well as simulating air flow in a network of excavations with diagonal sides.

Apart from the stationary workstations, the laboratory is equipped with portable measuring instruments used for conducting research in mine conditions, such as portable multi-gas analysers, gravimetric dust meters, optical dust meters, anemometers and thermo-anemo-meters, thermal imaging cameras, probes for measurement of the rock mass primary temperature or ultrasound flow meters.

Contact details for the laboratory manager/supervisor:

Dariusz Obracaj
12 617 21 80

Scientific areas the staff are specialised in:

  • Environmental Engineering, Mining and Power Engineering
  • Mining aerology
  • Natural hazards in underground mines
  • Air-conditioning of mines
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