Laboratory for testing coal methane-bearing capacity and spontaneous combustibility.

The laboratory carries out scientific and research work aimed at the recognition and identification of methane-bearing and endogenic fire hazards in hard coal mines. The laboratory is equipped, among others, with the following apparatus:

  • A stand for determining the methane-bearing capacity of hard coal and the gas-bearing capacity of rock samples consisting of a MOD-2 apparatus for degassing rock samples, a TTZ-3 type shaker for crushing samples and an SRI 8610C gas chromatograph.
  • Stand with PR-30/250 analyser for determination of spontaneous combustibility index. Tubular furnace installed in the stand also allows for examination of gas composition (chromatographic analysis) during annealing of coal at temperatures up to 450*C, and at various air flows through the furnace chamber.

Contact details for the laboratory manager/supervisor:

Marek Korzec
(12) 617-20-89

Scientific areas the staff are specialised in:

  • Fire hazard in mines
  • Determination of coal’s susceptibility to spontaneous combustion
  • Methane hazard in mines
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