Laboratory of Flotation and Gravitational Processes

Scientific research and own work is conducted on the possibilities of flotation mineral separation, recovery of useful components from waste materials, research on the kinetics of raw material flotation, assessment of the enrichment of mineral raw materials, research on the influence of various parameters on the accuracy of separation in heavy liquids, settling and concentration table, separation of associated metals. The offer of the laboratory includes a wide range of research on enrichment and refining of coal, metal ores, rock, and clay raw materials and waste materials, allowing to propose the manner and conditions of conducting the processing with a general assessment of the technological and economic effects, together with determination of the optimum technology for their processing. Grain composition, densitometric and chemical analyses are performed.

Contact details for the laboratory manager/supervisor:

Agnieszka Surowiak
12 617 20 53

Scientific areas the staff are specialised in:

  • Processing of raw materials
  • Waste management
  • Non-waste technologies
  • Recovery of components
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